I learn the hard way,
so you don’t have to.

A Very Rosie Life helps people help themselves. Whether it’s learning a new skill to advance personal or professional goals, tackling repairs instead of paying others to do them, creating new things for your enjoyment, or finding the path to a happy and healthy life, I teach you what you need to know. With my help, people develop independence and tap inner strengths to make their lives easier, more meaningful, and fulfilling.



Let’s use our strengths to go after what we want.

Let's DIY Something!

Whether it’s repairs, crafts, cooking or gardening, we are going to what makes life fun.

Happy Healthy Life

One step at a time, let’s work toward lifelong improvement.

Hello! I’m Rosie

I am a passionate learner and teacher/trainer. Originally educated as a journalist, I love to thoroughly research a topic, synthesize the information, and relay it to a new audience. I have a 30-year career as a nonprofit professional, where I did everything from managing website networks to guiding a fundraising team who raised more than $6 million annually. My passion is helping people capitalize on their strengths to achieve their personal and professional goals. I can help you find the tools you need to build success in your life. I can’t wait to be inspired by what you do!