challenge logoThose who expect moments of change to be comfortable and free of conflict have not learned their history — Joan Wallach Scott

I sometimes wonder if those who have known me 20, 30, even 40 years ago see the changes I have made to myself.

When I think about a life event or relationship from 10 or more years ago and consider my response or my actions, I often can scarcely believe it was me in those situations. We live and learn, of course. I take a particular pride in my personal growth, while always striving to do better.

There are so many scenarios in my past that I would handle totally differently today. That’s not just me armchair quarterbacking my history. Situations that repeat themselves in one’s working life or personal relationships are handled totally differently these days. When I share some stories with newer people in my life (such as my husband who has only known me for a mere five years of this long, wonderful life) and detail how it impacted me or how I reacted, it often comes as a shock. This person before them is not that person I describe.

I’m happier and healthier for it. Some change was forced on me, but most I sought to break ugly patterns, gain coping skills, or simply refine my outlook. Sometimes I changed so I could recapture positive parts of me that I had lost.

In doing so, I learned that change was good, very good. I would not say that I embrace change – it’s more like a light hug – but I no longer dread or avoid it. And often, I choose to dive in head first and just git ‘er done.

My personal development has come about through life experiences, therapy (so much. therapy.), books, a great network of friends and family, and by cultivating a whole host of coping skills. The change is profound for me.

In  April, I’m participating in the Blogging A to Z Challenge. This is a challenge to post daily (except Sundays) through the month of April, using each letter of the alphabet as you work through the month. I will be blogging about how I changed my life and hopefully inspiring a few people along the way.