It’s mid-April and, as usual, I’m antsy as all get-out.

A beautiful bounty from a good year.


But it’s cold – a bit colder than usual, but not outside of normal. We had flurries the day before yesterday. Gross.

It’s time for planting cold weather vegetables, but several weeks away yet for the summer time favorites of tomatoes, peppers, and corn.

All I ever want to do this time of the year is play in the dirt. One of my favorite meditations is to pull weeds. Another is to dig into soil and really concentrate on everything I’m finding – roots, different bugs, decaying organic matter. It’s never just dirt. There are villages upon cities upon worlds in every shovel of dirt.

Working in the yard, particularly planting things, is very calming to me. It’s thrilling and it makes me happy. It is by far my favorite solo past-time. So, when the weather starts to creep in the right direction, then hits us with a wallop of late winter, my mind and body just want to run away to the warmest place I can find, where I can PLANT.

Gardening is a therapy and a creative pursuit for me. Whether it’s crafting the perfect grouping of pots and growing a mix of vegetables and flowers in them for a sweet little porch garden, or drawing ways to rip up my entire yard and convert it into an edible landscape, I find much joy in the process.

My results aren’t fantastic. Some years, I manage to get bumper crops of tomatoes or hot peppers, while other years everything else fails miserably – sometimes through overzealousness, sometimes through neglect. That’s when I start popping things in the porch pots and arranging them to fill the gaps. I can always count on the porch pots.

While the results are important to me, the process is what thrills me. There is such joy in ordering seeds in the depths of winter, sketching ideas while I wait for the snow to melt, then attacking the lawn with gusto as soon as the ground thaws. Dreaming of results is even better than the results themselves.

Let’s hope that a warm-up is just around the corner. I’m not sure my fingertips can handle another weekend of working dirt in the sleet.