There is but one reason to pay attention to who you are and who you want to be: because it makes your life better.

When I started this month of blogging, my hope was to inspire a few people to keep up the lifelong work of self-development.

I am proud of the changes I have made over the years and proud of where I think I’m heading, too. The changes I’ve made to become emotionally stronger and more evolved, to love myself and honor my good qualities, to be less judgmental and a better listener, all have helped me embrace a quality life.

I wish I woke up every day with a zest for life, flinging open the windows, and yelling, “I’m awake, world! Let’s do this!” That’s not realistic for my morning persona. But I do think my growth lets me remind myself constantly that today is the only today I get. No matter what is dished out, I had better find the reasons to embrace it. I can choose how I view and approach everything that comes my way, so I might as well find the best possible way to do it.

The great thing is that when you are looking for reasons to seize the day, they pop up for you to see.